Welcome to ‘Imogen’s Beach’

Beautiful sea glass – recycled by nature, and hand selected by me

I live right by the sea and can often be found beachcombing along the Seaham and English North East coast with my dog Fender.

Fender with said stinky seaweed!

I collect sea glass and other treasures from the strandline while Fender helpfully collects sticks, dead crabs and clumps of stinky seaweed :-/

The North East coast has been famous for its coastal glass factories since the 17th century. The spoils from these factories still wash up on our stormy coastline making the English North East coast a superb place for collecting vintage sea glass. I collect most days from my favourite beaches along the  Seaham to Northumberland coastline.

I hand select all my sea glass, only picking nicely rounded gems and leaving any rough pieces on the beach for the sea and tides to continue to work their magic. All my glass is genuine naturally found sea glass rounded and smoothed in the surf. I do however tumble some of what I collect as I find it helps bring out the colours of the glass. Tumbling produces a smooth satin finish which has a lovely tactile feel.

I use both natural and tumbled sea glass and like them both equally for their different qualities. The natural frosted sea glass is great for texture whilst the satin tumbled sea glass is deeper in colour, and creates a more refined and delicate look.

The tumbled sea glass is more translucent it lets more light into the inside of the glass where it gets reflected around making it appear that it is lit from inside – you can see this effect in the side by side photo comparison below.

My "Natural Sea Glass" and my "Tumbled Sea Glass" click on the image to zoom in.
My “Natural Sea Glass” and my “Tumbled Sea Glass” click on the image to zoom in.

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